Gosh! Well it seems almost like yesterday that I was writing my last new year post.

It has been a busy year, and I have to admit, it has been in the most part pretty damn awesome.

The year began with me and some good friends drinking champagne and vodka on the side of a mountain in the Czech republic, followed by some random wanderings in eastern Europe.

I travelled more: first to the Czech republic and Budapest, I visited Paris, had a skiing holiday in Austria. I went on an epic road trip to spend summer camping in the Czech paradise and flew to visit with a friend in Berkeley.

Speaking of flying, 2011 was the year that I finally obtained a dream of mine and obtained my pilot’s licence. Weather permitting, by the time you read this I would have already taken up my first passenger!

I continued to climb, and found a new activity – capoeira – which filled a space in my life I didn’t even know I had, and made some great friends in the process.

I got involved in a monthly ad-hoc band practice and started learning several new instruments.

I helped build some awesome software, I went to some awesome parties and I met some awesome people!

In the coming year, it is my hope to make 2012 even more awesome. I hope to travel more, and indeed I hope very much to be living in a different country by the end of it.

I plan to advance my flying career with some RAF aerobatic training, and at the very least fly across the channel to go climbing in Font.

I intend to learn not one but two languages to, if not fluency, at least to the point where I can have a conversation with someone beyond how to find the train station or how many cats I have.

On with the adventure!

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