I am in the market for a SATA raid controller for one of my servers. Although I’ve just purchased a delightful NAS box, I have about 1TB of old SATA disks kicking around and it’d be a shame to let those go to waste.

Anyway, decided to grab a cheap StarTech 4 port, so hopped onto eBuyer:

Ebuyer price, with postage, £31.89

I dislike paying postage for things, especially something that small, and since I don’t need it in a hurry. So, I had a quick look to see if I could get the same thing on Amazon with free super saver delivery.

It turns out that I could:

Hang on...


Amazon’s price for the card with free postage was exactly the same as eBuyer’s price + postage. This smells a little fishy to me, especially considering that the price isn’t the standard £X.99 marketing hack.

Could be coincidence of course, but I’m going to check in future!

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