What an Orwellian mockery.

By ministerial fiat, our Dear Leader casually announced that they were going to follow France, and essentially make it mandatory for you to undergo a medical procedure in order to take part in civil society.

Words cannot express how wrong this is. We fought a war over this sort of thing, and it must be stopped.

Here’s my letter to my representative.

Dear Anneliese Dodds,

I am writing to you today to express my anger over the government’s surprise announcement that they plan to introduce vaccine certification system, aka a vaccine passport, for nightclubs and other large gatherings. 

This is blatant coercion, and nobody in their right mind believes that this is where it will end. Why not follow France, and make vaccination a condition for using public transport or entering restaurants? The end goal of this is clear; mandatory vaccination (with an experimental drug, I might add), and the imposition of an ID card system by the back door.

I have previously written to you on this subject, and my concerns that such a system will be used as a Chinese style “social credit” system. It seems that my concerns were entirely justified, and it is increasingly clear that this has been the plan all along.

I feel I must again remind you that any form of coercion to undergo a medical procedure is outlawed under the Nuremberg Codes as well as Resolution 2361 (2021) of PACE. Indeed, I hold that any doctor or nurse who administers a COVID-19 vaccine after yesterday’s announcement is in breach of medical ethics, since it is now no longer possible to freely give consent.

This is a line we should under no circumstances cross, and on principle, I will not comply with any requirement for me to produce vaccine certification, for any reason. I will not support any representative, government, law, or organisation that supports this illiberal insanity, as they are in my mind no longer legitimate. 

I respectfully ask what you are planning to do to stop this.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Povey

P.s. Fuck you Boris

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