Writing to my elected official regarding the fall of Europe into absolute tyranny, for all the good it’ll do. Getting those 1930’s vibes, and Boris is no Churchill.

My letter is below:

I am writing to you today to express my concern at the government’s lack of condemnation of Austria, Germany and the EU at large, in their push towards making the COVID vaccine mandatory for their citizens.

What began with coercion progressed to targeted oppression and ostracisation from society, and has now ended up with state mandated medical procedures. Mandates which will inexorably lead to state force being used against those untermenchen who still refuse to comply. This is a very dark path, and we have seen both Austria and Germany go down that path before. Indeed, I seem to remember we fought a war over it.

Sovereignty over our own body is possibly the most fundamental of human rights, and regardless of how you feel about the vaccine or whether you agree with a person’s decision not to take it, the state has no right to coerce or force an individual into having it against their will. After all, the phrase is “My body, my choice”, not “The State’s body, the state’s choice”.

The lack of condemnation by the government of this obvious wrong makes me extremely concerned that they are simply waiting to see where the wind blows, and are biding their time before bringing in such measures here. 

I would like to stress; I firmly believe that forcing people to undergo medical procedures against their will is evil, and I will never support it. Historically, this has led us to some dark places which are the very reason why “informed consent” is the cornerstone of medical ethics today! 

Similarly, I do not support the use of state power to manipulate, target and coerce sections of the population in order to manufacture such consent. This is an immoral practice and must be unequivocally condemned. 

Giving the state the final say over what an individual does with their own body is a box we do not want to open in this country, even if it is for the “greater good”. After all, could we then not argue that people with mental and physical disabilities put a drain on the NHS? If so, should the state not mandate that such foetuses be aborted for the good of society? How about forced sterilisation for those who could pass on their disabilities by breeding? 

None of this is without precedent and has happened before wherever a government thought it had the right to override the individual’s bodily autonomy. 

I sincerely hope that you share my concerns. 

Will you agree with me that regardless of what you may think of their decision, forcing someone to undergo medical treatment without their consent is wrong? Will you also agree that consent via coercion is no consent at all, and so targeted persecution of a group in order to make them give it is similarly never justified?

Can the government categorically rule out similar policies being enacted here?

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