Hire Me!

Over my career I have helped to build life saving medical software, secure messaging systems, high performance video delivery platforms, and open source projects used around the world by companies, universities and governments.

I have designed platforms and APIs, set policy and direction, and have spoken at conferences about my work.

If you have a project, and you need some expert help or advice, then please get in touch!

  • Building value / Reducing costs
  • Full stack platform consultancy and development
  • Expert Elgg, Known and Indieweb technology consultancy
  • PHP, Node, AWS, React and more

I can be reached via email at marcus@marcus-povey.co.uk (PGP key).

Highlighted Project: KQED Teach

KQED Teach is a major media literacy platform which won the NAMLE MLM Award in 2017, previous winners include the PBS NewsHour, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Snopes.com, Creative Commons, and the Ella Baker Center/Van Jones.

I built large parts of the core platform, based on Known, integrating Open Badges, Elastic search, and many other enhancements, to build a lightweight course management platform for one of the largest public media broadcasters in the United States.

Highlighted Project: Latakoo

Latakoo uses adaptive video compression to allow footage to be sent over a commodity internet connection at high speed. Customers include NBC News, which uses the platform to send footage back to its newsroom from places like the Sochi Olympics, Air Force One and the Houston floods, where other options are often slower, more expensive, or not feasible.

I worked with the CTO and a team of programmers to design and build the platform and infrastructure behind Latakoo’s core products. I designed much of the back end data systems, data storage and transfer infrastructure as well as designing the core APIs. These included a number of novel innovations which improved the speed and efficiency of the core products and greatly improved the usability for the customers.

Highlighted Project: Minds

Minds is a social network, with built in end to end encrypted chat, which offers users the ability to create their own accounts, as well as create their own social networks hosted on their platform. It has millions of active users, and was one of the fastest startups to raise over a million dollars in equity crowdfunding. Working with the Minds team, I helped develop their core platform to produce their initial product offering, based on Elgg multisite.