I really wish I could go back to writing about code, but unfortunately we appear to be stuck in the dark timeline. Last night, despite a massive rebellion from the Conservative back bench and a few others (who history will remember as heroes), England officially became a “Papers Please” society.

Vaccine passports are now required for large venues and nightclubs, but nobody seriously believes that this is where this will stop. It hasn’t in other countries, and we appear to be on the same track as much of Europe, so inevitably this scheme will be extended. The Overton window has been shifted once more towards vaccine mandates, and one more thing we thought to be inconceivable in England is now happening.

This was all made possible by support from the weasels in the so called “opposition”, which have voted to support the government’s slide into totalitarianism at every turn. Ironically, the job of the opposition party is now being done mainly by the Tory back bench, so maybe the queen should make that official?

Even before the current toothless OhMyGod Decepticon variant of COVID got everyone worked up in a tizzy for no good reason, the actions of various governments were almost entirely incongruent with their stated aims, or assertions as to how serious the threat was.

COVID-so-deadly we must lock you in your houses! But Christmas parties at No. 10? That’s fine. Wear masks! But we’ll only do it for the photo op. What about the gaps and omissions in the narrative? A vaccine so safe you have to be forced to take it, for a virus so deadly you need a test to know you’ve got it… I know, I’m silly… my lying eyes again… but where are all the heart attacks coming from, exactly? Why are so many people around the world coming down with a nasty case of Coincidence?

I don’t pretend to know what’s going on. Although I have some thoughts on vaccine passports and how they relate to central bank digital currencies and all the money printing, I won’t go into that now.

Buy me a drink some time.

What is certain, while there is certainly a lot of wild speculation going on out there, the situation is certainly being taken advantage of by various interests… and if you still think all of this has much to do with public health anymore, then I don’t know what to say, except that I have a bridge to sell you.

The roll out of vaccine passports, together with the moving goal posts of what it means to be “fully vaccinated”, means we’re essentially moving into a “freedom as a service” subscription model of liberty. Additionally, starting with the care sector and moving outwards, we are inexorably following Europe into mandated medical procedures.

A “merger of state and corporate power”, if you will, and all very profitable for certain drug companies I would imagine.

Good Germans is an ironic term — usually placed between single quotes such as ‘Good Germans’ — referring to German citizens during and after World War II who claimed not to have supported the Nazi regime, but remained silent and did not resist in a meaningful way.


The thing I’ve had the most trouble dealing with on a personal level, is how so many people not just go along with this, but are gleefully cheering for it.

More restrictions. More fear. Yes please!

People I thought I knew – friends and family members – who I felt certain would see how dangerous allowing this level of government overreach was, are prepared to throw liberties under the bus, theirs and mine, when they get a little scared. Before, when it was safe and comfortable, their principles were all about freedom, fairness, and “my body, my choice”… but as soon as a bad case of the sniffles comes along, they’re licking the boot of the state while cooing, “Step on me harder, Daddy!”.

Not wanting to sound tiresome, but Australia is building fucking concentration camps! Austria and Germany are to make it a crime, punishable by jail, to be alive in their country having not undergone an irreversible experimental medical procedure. It boggles my mind just how far the Overton window has been pushed, that this sort of thing is in any way defensible! Why no international outcry? Why are we not massing an expeditionary force to liberate the oppressed citizens of Melbourne?

Closer to home; why are people, who were on the line with me fighting ID cards back in the 2000s, now actively supporting vaccine passports and medical apartheid? Because they want to “feel safe”? Why do people who support a woman’s right to choose, in almost the same breath, support forcing people to undertake state mandated medical procedures?

Seems their principles weren’t worth a damn.

All the state had to do was push just a little and they’d crumble. A tiny threat, which might realistically affect them personally (unlike terrorism), and they’d sell their soul and their fellow citizen up the river.

So, go on. Post your mask selfies and virtue signal about having your 15th booster! Proudly humblebrag about your immunity pass! After all, what’s the point of being one of the master race if you don’t get to lord it over others on Facebook?

Keep your head down. Stay comfortable. Stay wilfully ignorant of the cage that is being built around you and call all those of us who protest crazy, dangerous, and far right.

But understand, more than any virus, it is you that terrifies me. It is you ‘Good Germans’ who informed on the Jews hiding in your neighbour’s cellar. It is you ‘Good Germans’ who shut your eyes and blocked your ears to the holocaust being committed all around you, because the truth made you uncomfortable. It is you ‘Good Germans’ who, when the warnings first appeared and there was a chance the nightmare could have been stopped before it started, saw those warnings and said nothing.

There is a special place in hell for you.

Writing to my elected official regarding the fall of Europe into absolute tyranny, for all the good it’ll do. Getting those 1930’s vibes, and Boris is no Churchill.

My letter is below:

I am writing to you today to express my concern at the government’s lack of condemnation of Austria, Germany and the EU at large, in their push towards making the COVID vaccine mandatory for their citizens.

What began with coercion progressed to targeted oppression and ostracisation from society, and has now ended up with state mandated medical procedures. Mandates which will inexorably lead to state force being used against those untermenchen who still refuse to comply. This is a very dark path, and we have seen both Austria and Germany go down that path before. Indeed, I seem to remember we fought a war over it.

Sovereignty over our own body is possibly the most fundamental of human rights, and regardless of how you feel about the vaccine or whether you agree with a person’s decision not to take it, the state has no right to coerce or force an individual into having it against their will. After all, the phrase is “My body, my choice”, not “The State’s body, the state’s choice”.

The lack of condemnation by the government of this obvious wrong makes me extremely concerned that they are simply waiting to see where the wind blows, and are biding their time before bringing in such measures here. 

I would like to stress; I firmly believe that forcing people to undergo medical procedures against their will is evil, and I will never support it. Historically, this has led us to some dark places which are the very reason why “informed consent” is the cornerstone of medical ethics today! 

Similarly, I do not support the use of state power to manipulate, target and coerce sections of the population in order to manufacture such consent. This is an immoral practice and must be unequivocally condemned. 

Giving the state the final say over what an individual does with their own body is a box we do not want to open in this country, even if it is for the “greater good”. After all, could we then not argue that people with mental and physical disabilities put a drain on the NHS? If so, should the state not mandate that such foetuses be aborted for the good of society? How about forced sterilisation for those who could pass on their disabilities by breeding? 

None of this is without precedent and has happened before wherever a government thought it had the right to override the individual’s bodily autonomy. 

I sincerely hope that you share my concerns. 

Will you agree with me that regardless of what you may think of their decision, forcing someone to undergo medical treatment without their consent is wrong? Will you also agree that consent via coercion is no consent at all, and so targeted persecution of a group in order to make them give it is similarly never justified?

Can the government categorically rule out similar policies being enacted here?

It is a small comfort to see the Austrians and Germans returning to their early 20th century Austrian painter scene defaults.

Perhaps, now that the mask has finally slipped, we can go back to watching old Faulty towers episodes without shame?

Perhaps, maybe, we can now mention the war?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will no doubt have heard that Austria has now decreed that, from February, everyone must be vaccinated. With a press release, the government of that country has stolen from its citizens the most fundamental and inalienable human right of all… the sovereignty of an individual over their own body.

No doubt this will shortly be followed by similar measures in Germany, which has already followed Austria in placing those Untermensch, that refuse to “volunteer” to have an irreversible experimental medical procedure performed on them, under house arrest.

Alea iacta est. The Rubicon has been crossed, and by people whistling a merry tune as they went.

Yeah, I know this tune. Last time we danced, it was with a bunch of folks wearing Hugo Boss that thought forced medical procedures, and the state persecution of those seen as unclean, was a pretty neat idea. Fairly sure that particular dance ended in millions of deaths, and those responsible being executed.

The difference between sex and rape is consent.

Funnily enough, it is also the difference between a public health measure, and a war crime.

Take the vaccine. Don’t take the vaccine. That is a free choice that should be left to the individual. You can try and persuade, and provide good data, however no means no. So if, once all attempts to persuade someone to make the “correct” choice have failed, the intention was always to use force, then you are nothing more than a rapist who bought your victim dinner and flowers first.

It seems that, all over the world, the idea that you ever had a choice has just been an illusion.

Australia is building concentration quarantine camps, and is now using military force to transport dissidents potential covid cases to them, against their will. The media, and large sections of the population applauding as they do so.

Then they came for the trade unionists, eh Australia?

In a recent interview, the diversity-hire-in-chief of New Zealand (a power mad lunatic, celebrated primarily for owning a particular set of genitals, rather than for competence) proudly announced the medical apartheid of her country… all with a smug shit eating grin on her face.

Then they came for the Jews, New Zealand, amirite?

If you don’t find all of this deeply unsettling, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Is it ok to call these people Nazis yet?

Can anyone seriously claim that the “slippery slope” argument is a fallacy after the events of the last two years? After all, we have gone, disturbingly quickly, from “two weeks to flatten the curve” all the way to concentration camps, state persecution of segments of the population, medical apartheid, and forced medical procedures.

Where next? Honestly, I don’t think that anything is off the table at this point.

More disturbing still, other countries, such as my own, are staying suspiciously silent on the matter. They’re seeing how this goes. Seeing… if they can get away with it…

I wonder what your hero Winston would have thought about that Boris?

But, leaders of the world… don’t think we won’t remember.

Don’t think there won’t come a reckoning.

History teaches us one thing more than anything else, and that is this…

The bill comes due, always.