Known supports syndication to a number of silos (twitter, facebook etc), but since I also have some contacts on LinkedIn, I thought it would be handy to syndicate to them as well. So, I wrote a quick plugin to do just that…

Once installed and activated, you will need to get a LinkedIn application ID and secret key from the developer site (instructions in the plugin’s admin page). After you have entered these in the admin panel, users will have the option of authenticating their account and syndicating posts to LinkedIn.

The plugin currently supports status updates (although, in a rather limited way owing to LinkedIn’s API), article posts and images.

Give it a try!

» Visit the project on Github...

4 thoughts on “LinkedIn syndication support for Known

  1. Just installed and tested your new LinkedIn Known plugin. Works perfectly so far with no issues at all. I’ll keep testing with different types of posts and let you know if I come across any problems. Thanks for one more POSSE destination.#known #indieweb

  2. Since latest Known upgrade, I’m having issues with this plugin..when i go to it’s settings page, i simply land on a blank page. same for soundcloud. all the rest is fine..need to fill an issue about this.

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