I needed some tools for talking to the Known API from the command line in order to play around with a few ideas I’ve been having.

So, I put together a few BASH shell scripts.


  • Install the prerequisites: curl php_cli python openssl base64
  • Check out the repository and add it to your system path.

Note, due to this bug, you’ll need to be running the latest version of Known if you want to use the syndication functionality.

Talking to Known

The first thing you’ll need (other than a Known account of course) is to get your API key, you can find this in your settings page under “Tools and Apps”.

You can then use those as parameters to known.sh. For example, to make a status update you’d type:

Of course, you might want to use one of the wrapper scripts like status.sh, which also supports syndication e.g:

If successful, the scripts will output a JSON representation of what the API says.

Have fun!

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Based on prompting from a point made in this great article, I extended the System logging Known plugin that I wrote previously, to include a visual security log.

This log shows a user by user security log, showing login/logout and login failure attempts for each user’s account, plus a global log visible to the administrator. This provides a visual way for you to keep track of when, and from where, your account has been accessed, and hopefully give you tools to spot erroneous access attempts (for additional security you should totally check out my two factor authentication plugin as well).

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Just a quick note to say that the my Known Chrome plugin will now return an installable .crx file.

You’ll need the OpenSSL PHP extension installed, but if you do an installable .CRX file will be returned instead of a .zip. If you don’t have OpenSSL installed, the oldstyle .zip will be installed, however some people had problems with this.

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