Just a quick one; first of all as a sign of life, I know I’ve been quiet of late, and second of all, to put out something that might be of use (albeit to a niche audience).

DOIs, or Digital Object Identifiers, are persistent identifiers for digital object for all sorts of things on the internet. Typically these are published documents, but they may also be things like datasets, workflows, images, etc.

I deal with these a fair amount at The Day Job, and often need to resolve these strings into something that returns metadata (title, author etc). Nice to be able to do this over an API.

Datacite, Crossref etc, who deal in DOIs, do provide their own resolution APIs, but only for items minted in their own namespaces, not the canonical set. DOI.org do provide a proxy, in order to resolve a doi to a location, but no obvious way of extracting metadata.

As it happens, there is a way of getting this data, with a little bit of Accept header witchcraft.

Anyway, to make it easier for you (and me), I wrote a library. Enjoy!

» Visit the project on Github...

The prime minister of Canada has gone into hiding as tens of thousands of truckers rock up to the nation’s capital, park up, and begin honking their horns. Vaxxed and unvaxxed alike, united in protest of the government’s medical tyranny.

I absolutely love it, and it goes to show that peaceful resistance works!

Officials are pointing and spluttering in impotent rage, demanding that they all be arrested for terrorism and their funds be confiscated. Calling them every name under the sun in the corporate press.

But, Canadian towing companies are refusing to tow the trucks. Supporters from the districts are simply driving around police blockades. The authorities can do nothing to stop the Honkening.

This is a popular uprising, not a “minority of extremists”. They’re honking horns and cleaning up rubbish, rather than looting or burning down buildings.

Truckers in other countries are beginning to follow suit – America, Australia, Europe.

The workers of the world are uniting… and ironically enough, the Left are losing their freaking minds over it. Or at least, the Zoom meeting class of boojee cosmopolitan Left. You know, the ones who are more interested in virtue signalling with mask selfies and bio pronouns than solving actual problems. The ones who believe with religious fervour that their way is the only way, that progress only goes in the direction that they dictate, and that anyone who disagrees with dogma is a literal Nazi. The ones that want to crush you under their boot, because they know better than you.

These are the same polite fascists (and with no sense of hyperbole, I think that term is definitionally correct) who look down with contempt at the working classes who they proclaim to support, as they force them to comply with their orders.

We know best, why don’t you just shut up and do as you’re told? You stupid uneducated pleb, how dare you talk back!? Don’t you know we’re better than you? Do you even have a college degree?

They told you that you’re powerless. That you’re alone. That everyone else is going along with this COVID hysteria.

(…Yes yes, real virus, take it seriously, maybe take the vax if you’re vulnerable, talk to your doctor… but look me in the eye and tell me all the shit that has been done across the globe over the last two years sits right with you?)

They tell you that it is wrong to resist, but that is a lie.

The people who seek to control you don’t want you to know how much power you have. They want to convince you that you have no power, but at the same time control that power, and make it serve their will.

They need you.

You can simply say “No”, and it will all stop.

They have no power over you.

Vive la Honkening.

I am not a royalist.

Indeed, I’m very much a republican. I don’t wish the Queen any personal ill will, I just think that the concept of a monarchy in $CurrentYear is anachronistic and should be done away with.

Caveats out of the way, this now famous picture is heartbreaking on a human level. The Queen, sitting alone due to COVID regulations, receiving no comfort at this, the funeral of her husband of 70 years.

This funeral, limited to 30 people socially distanced, happening the day after a rawkus party held at No. 10, where Boris and top civil servants danced and boozed the night away.

All contravening the laws they forced on the rest of us. Rules for thee…

How many of us were unable to see family or friends during this time? Weddings cancelled? Loved ones you couldn’t say goodbye to? How many people were fined or arrested for breaking COVID restrictions in the smallest and most meaningless way?

Let us talk plainly.

The Government, civil service, and presumably the opposition as well, were in receipt of the best intelligence about COVID. They knew details that we weren’t privy to, and had meetings with scientific advisors. They knew more than anyone in the country as to COVID’s origins and the threat it posed. Then, based on that information, they all decided that having a party with hundreds of people (in violation of the laws they inflicted on the rest of us) was an acceptable risk and nothing to worry about.

In other words, COVID wasn’t all that deadly. This isn’t about public health. It never has been.

The people who knew the most, and saw fit to place authoritarian restrictions on the masses which weren’t even seen during war time, weren’t worried about it in any way.

In other words, the Government lied.

Never listen to these scum. They don’t deserve your obedience or respect.