There is this game I like to play.

I didn’t invent it, but I find it enjoyable and it goes something like this… whenever I come across someone saying something about a particular group of people; men, women, blacks, whites, the rich, the poor, the vaccinated and unvaccinated… whatever. Replace the “in group” with some variation of the word “Aryan”, and replace the “out group” with some variation of the word “Jew”. Then, if what the person is saying sounds like something that would have come from the 1930’s Austrian painter scene, then that person probably needs to go away and rethink their life.

Let’s keep that in mind, because buckle up kids… we’re going to talk about the vaccines.

But first, since it is the Current Year, and it is apparently illegal to hold a nuanced opinion about anything, let us begin with the standard disclaimer… I like modern medicine, and that also includes vaccines. I’ve travelled a fair amount, so I’ve had a bunch.

It is nice not dying of preventable diseases.

That all being said, I also have this funny penchant for my vaccines to be tested and not politicised. Humanity doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to drug safety, even under ideal conditions, and so early on I adopted a “wait and see” policy when it came to the COVID vaccines. This is especially true for the current batch of vaccines, which are based on an entirely novel set of technologies (mRNA and Viral vector DNA respectively), for which the long term health effects, despite all assurances to the contrary, cannot possibly be known.

Don’t get me wrong, these classes of drug aren’t necessarily bad, indeed, they show a lot of promise. Since they’re basically programmable, they’re a very fast way of producing vaccines, and the COVID ones do appear to be effective. Things seem to be ok, at least in the short term… although while there are some disturbing side effects already starting to come to light, they are… so far… quite rare.

Time will tell.

Life is all about calculating risk, so as time moved on and we learnt more about who COVID seriously affects, it increasingly looked that, for me, the unknown longterm effects of an experimental drug seemed the bigger risk (vs the relatively well understood and low risk from the virus). I am in an overall low risk demographic – still relatively young, healthy weight, no known underlying health conditions. My parents, both in their 70s, have had the shot, and I’m relatively comfortable with this as it makes sense for them. If you’re clinically vulnerable, or elderly, then by all means take the vaccine, it probably makes sense for you… I don’t know, talk to your doctor.

… but for me?

This is my opinion, and I’m not going to tell you what you should do… “my body, my choice” … and here is, as they say, the rub. Because, increasingly, governments around the world have moved way past just recommending you take the vaccine, and onto coercion, mandation, and out and out threats. Seemingly, governments are of the view that it is the state’s body, and increasingly, it is not your choice.

As De Blasio proclaimed, “The voluntary phase is over”.

I wonder, can you claim that something was ever truly “voluntary” when it seems that it had always been the plan to, once the majority had volunteered, use increasing levels of force and coercion in order to “volunteer” those remaining?

The Aryan and the Jew should have different freedoms

Tony Blair

From the beginning of August, the Aryan pass will apply to cafés, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, and long-distance transport: planes, trains and coaches for long journeys

President Emmanuel Macron

Some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on being Aryan.

Boris Johnson

Having one’s human rights contingent on undergoing a government mandated medical procedure, especially an untested experimental one, doesn’t sound particularly “voluntary” to me. Indeed, it definitely starts to make you sound like “The Baddies”.

This all started last March, when the whole world threw out decades worth of pandemic planning in favour of a policy used by one of the world’s most nightmarish totalitarian regimes, sketched on the back of a napkin by Winnie-the-Pooh’s evil cousin. Since then, all I have had are questions.

Why are we taking a public health steer from a bunch of folks who have concentration camps, and who like to weld people into buildings?

Why are we quarantining healthy people and shutting down our economies, deliberately destroying small businesses, and making it much harder for us to fund future healthcare?

I suppose you’re going to tell me that when the money printing, and inevitable inflation, simultaneously reduces the purchasing power of regular people, and at the same time inflates asset prices with cheap cash, it’s just an accident that this directly benefits the powerful and politically connected who own lots of those assets? What about all that property that various investment firms are gobbling up at rock bottom prices?

Why is it, when deaths were falling, did everyone quietly start to ignore the stat and instead begin leading with the larger cases figure instead? Did everything start looking too good too quickly? Were people not yet desperate enough to accept what you had planned next? Better get those rookie numbers up and have another Lockdown I suppose…

Why did we base every decision on obviously flawed and wildly inaccurate modelling? Why do we keep going back to Neil Ferguson, a guy who has built a career from being spectacularly wrong about everything, and yet is somehow still listened to? Pretty sure I’d get a more accurate prediction from throwing chicken bones on the ground than from anything that comes out of Imperial College.

Why the omissions? Why are recovery rates never reported? Why are deaths from other causes not also reported for context? Why do the graphs not include data from the previous “waves” (or indeed, in some cases, a scale)? What is the false positive rate of the PCR test being used? How many cycles? Indeed, why is a diagnostic test being used for population level screening in the first place?

Is it legitimate to use YouGov polling still, in order to claim public support for government policy, when the company was co-founded by the current vaccine minister?

Perhaps most importantly, why is it seemingly no longer ok to ask these kinds of questions without being shouted down and called a “conspiracy theorist”, or some similar dismissive and thought terminating phrase?

Is this the “new normal” everyone is talking about?

You lack credibility…

If you are trying to convince me that you have my best interests at heart when you’re asking me to take an experimental drug, then trust is vital… and I generally don’t trust people who attempt to manipulate me.

We know that SAGE and the government, right at the start, adopted a policy of psychological terrorism in order to get compliance. It worked, and we have a largely traumatised population as a result. This was, frankly, unforgivably evil. It also shows the significant level of distain the “intellectuals” in SAGE have for the population at large.

Next, if you want me to believe you, then your actions should also be consistent with your message. If you want me to accept that COVID is such an existential threat that it requires the demolishing of our liberal democracy, me to surrender my human rights, and surrender the right to control what I put in my own body (rather than, as it appears to me, something that is serious, but which has been catastrophised out of all proportion)… then perhaps government ministers should obey their own rules, even when they think the cameras are off? Perhaps at least cancel the activities elites like, as well as those enjoyed by regular folks?

If you want me to accept that these vaccines are perfectly safe, maybe take them yourself Mr Macron? Indeed, if these vaccines are so prima facie beneficial, why the secrecy over the contracts being signed with the drug companies? Why did it take a leak from the Albanian government for us to find out about Pfizer’s profiteering, blanket immunity from prosecution, and decade long gag clause?

I’m sorry, but I just don’t trust you. You lack credibility.

While it’s all too easy to see patterns where there are none, there are far too many inconsistencies, and it is starting to look an awful lot like we are being played. It is starting to look an awful lot like there are agendas being served here, and that those agendas increasingly look like they are not in our best interests.

Today, we live in a world where governments are using increasingly coercive measures to force people into surrendering their bodily autonomy. This is something we have, in the past, executed people for doing, and in terms of medical ethics, this is a line I never believed we would be crossing again.

Maybe I’m just an old kamudgen, but I’m just not prepared to let deeply untrustworthy people, who I wouldn’t even trust to wipe their own noses, inject me with an experimental drug against my will. It seems bizarre to me that this is even a controversial thing to say, but hey, this is apparently the timeline we’re on now.

Under government threat of reimposing restrictions, the populations of the world are being turned against each other. Friends against friends, parents against children, employer against employee. I’m sure I am not alone in having relationships strained, and in some cases fractured, over the events of the last 18 months.

The Jew is selfish, and putting other people’s lives at risk

Michael Gove

Jews are potential variant factories

Dr. William Schaffner

There is a chance that some restrictions may be brought back as a result of Jews winding up in hospital, putting pressure on our NHS services

Conservative MP Tom Hunt

With suspiciously convenient gleichhaltung, governments around the world are rolling out a de facto social credit system, in order to control the population at the individual level. Corporate, and social media, quietly suppressing descent and “fact checking” opinions. While we are being distracted with toxic division, a world of medical apartheid is being built up around us, and nobody who has been paying attention seriously believes that this is where it is going to stop.

Perhaps this was the plan all along? Tony Blair tried to bring all this stuff in the early 2000’s, but unfortunately for him “Terrorism” just wasn’t scary enough. Perhaps, all around the world, there were a lot of plans, in a lot of draws, waiting for a good crisis?

Who knows, doesn’t really matter. We’re here now.

For me at least, if the government wanted me to line up to get on this particular cattle cart, the messaging and manipulation has backfired. If I was ever on the fence, I am now firmly of the view that, when it comes to the current vaccine offerings, they can vaccinate my cold dead corpse.

I accept that this probably means I will never travel again, and will increasingly become a second class citizen in my own country.

We are on a very dark road, and we know where it goes. How far will we have to go before we go down a different path? Will we have to repeat all those mistakes again I wonder?

I guess we will have to wait and see.

What an Orwellian mockery.

By ministerial fiat, our Dear Leader casually announced that they were going to follow France, and essentially make it mandatory for you to undergo a medical procedure in order to take part in civil society.

Words cannot express how wrong this is. We fought a war over this sort of thing, and it must be stopped.

Here’s my letter to my representative.

Dear Anneliese Dodds,

I am writing to you today to express my anger over the government’s surprise announcement that they plan to introduce vaccine certification system, aka a vaccine passport, for nightclubs and other large gatherings. 

This is blatant coercion, and nobody in their right mind believes that this is where it will end. Why not follow France, and make vaccination a condition for using public transport or entering restaurants? The end goal of this is clear; mandatory vaccination (with an experimental drug, I might add), and the imposition of an ID card system by the back door.

I have previously written to you on this subject, and my concerns that such a system will be used as a Chinese style “social credit” system. It seems that my concerns were entirely justified, and it is increasingly clear that this has been the plan all along.

I feel I must again remind you that any form of coercion to undergo a medical procedure is outlawed under the Nuremberg Codes as well as Resolution 2361 (2021) of PACE. Indeed, I hold that any doctor or nurse who administers a COVID-19 vaccine after yesterday’s announcement is in breach of medical ethics, since it is now no longer possible to freely give consent.

This is a line we should under no circumstances cross, and on principle, I will not comply with any requirement for me to produce vaccine certification, for any reason. I will not support any representative, government, law, or organisation that supports this illiberal insanity, as they are in my mind no longer legitimate. 

I respectfully ask what you are planning to do to stop this.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Povey

P.s. Fuck you Boris

Today is Freedom Day! The long promised day where the government would finally take its knee off our necks and let us breath again.

Except of course it’s not.

Like a narcissistic abuser, they promised it would be different this time. Dangling hope in front of us, before snatching it away. At the last minute, they oh so apologetically found an oh so convenient excuse, with clearly cherry picked data, and moved the goal posts once more.

As everyone knew that they would.

“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.” 

Elena Gorokhova, A Mountain of Crumbs

Freedom day is now July 19th, except nobody seriously expects these compulsive liars to keep their word this time either. They never have in the past. Indeed, a leaked Whitehall document outlines this has been the plan all along – to drag this out until the winter, where the inevitable rise in cases will force us back into full lockdown again.

Why, when the country has one of the highest uptakes of the vaccine anywhere in the world, and we’ve clearly demonstrated that we have broken the link between case rises and deaths? Oh, I’m sure there will be a new “concerning” variant appearing, or some rise in cases that will be “alarming”, which will be trotted out closer to the time as a post hoc justification for a decision that has already been made.

Who knows why they’re doing this, but I rather think that – like any abuser – the pencil necked bureaucrats in government and in SAGE (who are clearly running the show) rather like having power and the ability to micromanage our lives. SAGE and government ministers now get to determine who we can see, what we wear on our faces, how we greet each other, where we can travel, and who can dance at a wedding. They get to determine who we can have in our homes, what kinds of businesses can trade, what activities you are allowed to enjoy, or how close you can stand next to someone you’re not living with.

Sitting at a restaurant table, is ok, but don’t you dare stand up without putting a mask on, because SAGE tells us this will murder a granny!

Do the rules seem capricious and contradictory? Is it maddening how often they change? Can’t make firm plans or commitments, lest the whims of SAGE change without warning? Shut up! Science Denier! Don’t you dare try and divine the wisdom of the almighty SAGE!

If this sort of abuse were levelled against another person, in an intimate relationship say, then the police would rightly be involved. However, it seems the country is in the grips of a massive case of Stockholm syndrome, and can’t see the blatant absurdity of all of this, and the obviousness of the abuse.

Hey UK, blink twice if you’re in trouble!

“But you see my love, it’s because of the virus! Can’t have you meeting up with your friends, they might be dangerous! Oh, and I definitely can’t have you galavanting around the globe, you have to stay here with me!”

Except, of course, if you have a diplomatic passport.

I’m a big behaviourist. Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do… actions never lie.

G7 leaders from around the world, and their entourage, all jetted in to Cornwall last week for a summit. Of course it was vitally important that they all meet face to face. None of these vitally important conversations could have been conducted over Zoom, that would just be silly in the midst of a global pandemic.

Did they do the mandatory two weeks of house arrest for quarantine that SAGE insists is vital for everyone’s safety? Did they even have a test? Do you seriously believe that Joe Biden had a swab stuck up his nose before he got off Airforce one?

No, of course not. As soon as the socially distanced press photo was taken, and the cameras were thought to be off, the masks were ripped off and the champagne started flowing. Definitely no social distancing, and I’m pretty sure there were more than two households mixing.

It looked almost as if they were on holiday! You know, that thing that SAGE tell us riffraff we’re definitely not permitted to have.

This is nothing new, of course. Every day a precession of masked up ministers walk into No. 10 and rip the rag off their face as soon as they think the cameras are not on them.

It’s almost as if our elites don’t think Covid is all that big of a concern anymore, eh? It’s almost as if we’re being played for fools. Shouldn’t be a surprise… if it wasn’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

“But you see, my love… it’s all those vaccine refuseniks that are to blame! It’s them making me do this to you!”

Despite the UK having one of the highest uptakes of the vaccine anywhere in the world, our abuser is trying to shift the blame. Trying to shift our attention away from their own flouting of the oppressive, ever changing capricious restrictions, which they force us to live under. Instead, they encourage us to turn on each other… divide and rule, got to love a classic!

You must loudly proclaim that you can’t wait until you’re called up to get your shot! … lest someone think you’re a dreaded antivaxer, denounce you, and blaming you for all their suffering. Be sure to post a selfie of you in your mask to Instagram, proudly showing off the bandaid on your arm, and don’t forget to update that Facebook profile picture with a vaccine badge!

Believe your abuser, who has lied to you throughout, and listen carefully when they tell you that the vaccine is perfectly safe. Believe them, despite there being no possible way they could know what the long term health effects of an entirely new and experimental vaccine technology will be, when rolled out on such a massive scale. Believe them, even though the longitudinal data simply does not exist, so there are no grounds to make any claim beyond “it seems to work ok so far, so long as you don’t look at the yellow card report too closely”.

Do you have questions as to whether it’s necessarily a good idea to conduct perhaps the largest public health intervention in human history, on essentially the entire global population, using an experimental drug technology, all without even stopping for breath? Act in haste (or in this case fear), regret at leisure. Maybe you have concerns about taking a drug, for which the long term health effects are entirely unknown, when you are in a very low risk category for the virus itself?

Having questions or concerns like this is clearly insane, and not at all what any rational person would ever do, our abuser tells us.

Our abuser informs us sternly that this is WrongThink, and people who think like that are crazy antivaxers who all believe the Illuminati and the lizard people are using the vaccine to implant everyone with 5G tracking chips made by Microsoft!

Our abuser tells us there is no sane reason to refuse to have the vaccine, and that anyone who does so is a crazy conspiracy theorist who wants to murder your grandma! Our abuser tells us that of course they would never lie to us, and that they only want the best for us! You must have imagined all those times they’ve lied before, you’re so silly like that!

So, put aside any silly worries you have about taking an experimental drug when you’re neither elderly or clinically vulnerable. The new chicken tikka flavour of Covid is super duper extra special dangerous, which is why you always see me wearing my mask and standing two meters away from everyone, when the TV cameras are on me at least!

Don’t you listen to anyone who asks questions as to the sense of all of this. Don’t listen to anyone who points out that new variants of viruses happen all the time. Don’t worry your pretty little head with those silly little logical deductions, like if the criteria for freedom is “no new variants”, then that basically means “never”.

Don’t notice things like the way the herd immunity threshold has constantly crept up ever higher, or that it is always conveniently just above where we are now. Did I say you’ll have your freedom back when we’ve vaccinated the elderly and vulnerable? Na, you must have imagined that, you know how bad your memory is, silly! When we’ve vaccinated the over 50s? No, you must have imagined that too.

You remember? I said I can only give your freedoms back after we have vaccinate everybody, didn’t I. I’ve always said that from the beginning! You must have imagined all the times I said anything different. So remember, it’s that healthy thirty year old who has concerns as to why they are being pressured into an experimental medical procedure by people who lie all the time… they’re the reason I’ll have to lock you in your house this winter! They’re the reason I’m going to have to cancel Christmas again! It’s not that it’s an entirely political decision, or that the hospitalisations and deaths from Covid are at a record low and falling, or that power is an end in and of itself, or anything silly like that.

You know you shouldn’t listen to them. Just do what you’re told, you know I know what’s best for you.

“Darling, I love you! Why do you make me hurt you?”

Our abuser cries, as they beat us.