Just a quick one, as I was doing some stuff for a client, I gave the Known OAuth2 server a bit of a tweak.

First things first, I updated the admin interface so that it shows the endpoint urls needed (doh).

Second, I added support for an owner context url.

Third, the access token can now be passed using an Bearer authorisation header. Since this is now the new hotness, and it’s probably more reliable than passing stuff on a get variable.

Anyway, happy Saturday.

Sunday was the first little get together of the Known Open Collective / IRC community, at the Indieweb Summit in Portland, OR.

It was really great to get everyone together, and to have a little chat about the Known world.

I give a quick overview of what I’d like to work towards on the future roadmap, as well as a summary of progress and some things I’d like to see worked on as we move towards version 1.0 and beyond.

Other community members voiced their desires, as well as raised a few itches, including the need to give the micro pub plugin some love, and to smooth the installation process.

You can read more on the etherpad.

My hope is that these meet ups will become semi-regular, and help grow the community, as well as help drive development forward.

Hashtag GetInvolved.

Just a quick one.

I’ve added a library, which hopefully will help Known development. I’ll be adding to this library as I go, but for now there’s a version manipulation tool.

I got sick of modifying version details in the various files related to Known and their plugins, so I wrote a quick tool.

version.php will allow you to bump patch, minor and major numbers, as well as maintain the build number.

I’m probably going to be running this from a commit script from now on. Hopefully this will be of some use to you!

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