While I’ve not really had a chance to talk about it recently, owing to being rather busy, there has been a lot of work done in Known core recently.

Known uses event queues to dispatch things like Webmention pings. By default, this dispatching is synchronous. However, an advanced feature that was recently added, was the ability to enqueue events and have them dispatched later in an asynchronous fashion, enabling faster page loading.


As mentioned above, by default Known uses a synchronous event queue. To use something the asynchronous queue, add the following line to your config.ini:

Next, you need to run the Known event queue dispatching service using the Known console tool:

Note: if you’re using per-domain configuration you’ll need to set an environment variable in order for everything to work as expected:


I recently did a little bit of work to help speed up some things in Known, those of you watching the project will have seen work to minimise things like javascript and css.

Anyway, I ran Google insights over my Known install, and was surprised that files weren’t being compressed. It used to be the case that all you had to do was enable mod_deflate or mod_gzip on apache, but somewhere along the line the configuration must have changed.

Long story short, I needed to enable it by creating a /etc/apache2/conf.d/deflate.conf file… here’s mine: