The prime minister of Canada has gone into hiding as tens of thousands of truckers rock up to the nation’s capital, park up, and begin honking their horns. Vaxxed and unvaxxed alike, united in protest of the government’s medical tyranny.

I absolutely love it, and it goes to show that peaceful resistance works!

Officials are pointing and spluttering in impotent rage, demanding that they all be arrested for terrorism and their funds be confiscated. Calling them every name under the sun in the corporate press.

But, Canadian towing companies are refusing to tow the trucks. Supporters from the districts are simply driving around police blockades. The authorities can do nothing to stop the Honkening.

This is a popular uprising, not a “minority of extremists”. They’re honking horns and cleaning up rubbish, rather than looting or burning down buildings.

Truckers in other countries are beginning to follow suit – America, Australia, Europe.

The workers of the world are uniting… and ironically enough, the Left are losing their freaking minds over it. Or at least, the Zoom meeting class of boojee cosmopolitan Left. You know, the ones who are more interested in virtue signalling with mask selfies and bio pronouns than solving actual problems. The ones who believe with religious fervour that their way is the only way, that progress only goes in the direction that they dictate, and that anyone who disagrees with dogma is a literal Nazi. The ones that want to crush you under their boot, because they know better than you.

These are the same polite fascists (and with no sense of hyperbole, I think that term is definitionally correct) who look down with contempt at the working classes who they proclaim to support, as they force them to comply with their orders.

We know best, why don’t you just shut up and do as you’re told? You stupid uneducated pleb, how dare you talk back!? Don’t you know we’re better than you? Do you even have a college degree?

They told you that you’re powerless. That you’re alone. That everyone else is going along with this COVID hysteria.

(…Yes yes, real virus, take it seriously, maybe take the vax if you’re vulnerable, talk to your doctor… but look me in the eye and tell me all the shit that has been done across the globe over the last two years sits right with you?)

They tell you that it is wrong to resist, but that is a lie.

The people who seek to control you don’t want you to know how much power you have. They want to convince you that you have no power, but at the same time control that power, and make it serve their will.

They need you.

You can simply say “No”, and it will all stop.

They have no power over you.

Vive la Honkening.

I was out on my bike this morning, cycling through the autumn rain. Getting my morning cardio, and letting my mind wander, thinking about all the weirdness that has happened over the last year.

I kept thinking about the changes to our lives that have been forced on us, ostensibly because of the Virus. You must stay in your homes. You must wear your masks. You must stay away from other people. Do this or you’ll be killing grandma!

Now, we have the prospect of a vaccine, that we must all take just as soon as it’s available.

There’s that word again.

If you indulge me in a bit of open geekery, but I’m a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. There are many great episodes with many memorable moments, but there was one episode in season 5 in particular that kept coming to mind.

During this episode Buffy was being forced to undertake a series of tests by her former bosses in order to be deemed “worth” of being allowed to have some important information about the season’s Big Bad. Also in that episode, the Big Bad showed up at her house, did a lot of posturing and left.

Throughout the episode, both the good guys and the bad guys were all insisting that they were the ones in charge. That Buffy was nothing, unimportant, and that she must do what she was commanded to do. That they had the power.

At the episode’s denouement, Buffy came to realise that they all wanted something from her. They were all impotent without her compliance.

That she had the power.

How many times in my life have I been told that I must do a thing that someone else wants? That I’m a bad person if I don’t do a thing that someone else wants? Over the last year, this has been a constant theme.

It’s about power. I have it, and they don’t. This bothers them.

No, I’m not fluffing my ego, or comparing myself to our blonde vampire kicking hero (I’m far more of a Xander).

I am just pointing out the realisation that the only way that anything happens in the world at all is by human effort. Your action on the world. Which means that the only way that someone can increase their power, to make a larger impact, is to convince others to act for them.

Others are constantly trying to convince you through argument, bribery, violence, shame, and various other forms of coercion to act in accordance to their desires rather than yours. They will bribe you. They will threaten you. They will gaslight you into believing that you really actually want what they want. They will present you with a limited menu of choices.

They will say you’re a bad person unless you do what they tell you, and get upset and call you names if you don’t.

Certainly, all of this has been used against me this past year, if not my entire life.

It’s about power. I have it, and they don’t. This bothers them.

The question is why must I do a thing. Now, it may be that there is a good reason that will align with my interests and desires, however it seems to me that in general people who tell you that you must do a thing need something from you. They need you to act in the world in accordance of their desires and interests, which may not align with your own. They must convince and coerce, because without your compliance they are impotent.

So who has the power?