One of the most requested features for the new Elgg has been a generic way to import and export data. Users want to free their data, and be able to move their profiles between installs.

Quite right, and over the next few days I will be working on this…

…Actually, Elgg1’s new object model actually should make this fairly easy.

Under Elgg1 all entities have a unique identifier, so plugin authors will be able to add extra information to export and import. So, if you were to export a user or a site you will be able to get everything that you have access to.

I think this should be pretty cool.

6 thoughts on “Import and Export in Elgg 1.0

  1. Hi,

    I taste Elgg in Lille (north of France). I wonder if it’s possible to export an entire blog in an other blog outside elgg (WordlPress by example).
    And print a blog ??

  2. @Danquigny At the moment there is no easy and universal way to export an entire blog from elgg to something else.

    However, I’m working on universal import / export for the new Elgg version. There will be an upgrade path, so you might want to wait a while and upgrade to 1.0 and then use the export functionality from there…

  3. Hey Marcus,
    Judging by the dates on these posts… it has been a while. im hoping you came to some sort of solution. This blog ranks very high on google for “how to import/export many users in elgg”… and it would be helpful if a solution was posted here.. for all.
    Any luck with this? I have all my users in a csv with pre md5 encrypted passwords.

    Thanks a ton,

  4. @Kirby

    If your data is already in CSV then the simplest thing would be to loop through that file and insert the appropriate fields into the elggentities (do this first so you get a GUID) and elggusers_entity table.

    There is nothing terribly exotic about these tables, and if your passwords are pre-generated then you could insert them directly without needing the salt.

    Take a look at some existing users for an example of defaults if you are unsure.

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