Gosh! I’ve hardly had a moment to post recently!

Essentially this is because I and the rest of the Curverider team have been working flat out to get Elgg 1.5 released – which I am very pleased to say has finally happened!

Both the Curverider team and the open source community have all pulled together and as a result I can honestly say that Elgg 1.5 is the best Elgg yet!

Elgg 1.5 has loads of new functionality – both visible and under the hood. There’s a brand new theme and dashboard, groups are more powerful, and the whole core has been made much much much faster.

Almost 800 commits have gone into the core, not to mention numerous commits to plugins – making Elgg 1.5 a lean mean social networking machine.

More details of what is in this new version can be found here.

Of course, Elgg 1.5 is a milestone not the final destination… just wait until you see what we have planned for the next version!

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