Anyone who has done any development with PHP will be familiar with the infamous White Screen of Death; a blank browser window indicating that something horrible has gone wrong. A common cause, for me at least, is making a method call on a null object – easy to do in an object oriented architecture.

The exact reason as to why your script has gone splat will be reported in the log file, but from a UX standpoint, giving a blank screen to your customers is far from ideal. It is particularly problematic in complicated platforms like Elgg and Known, which use output buffering and have a plugin architecture.

Here’s a quick bit of code which can catch many (all?) of these fatal errors, and at least echo something. A variation of this is already in Known. Place the code somewhere towards the start of your script…

Hope this is useful to you!

5 thoughts on “Stopping (most) WSoD in PHP

  1. Yeah, some things still aren’t caught – so for example, if you redeclare a function. But, it does catch things like calling unrecognised methods or functions – which can be handy if you’re running plugins that require modules etc.

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