13 thoughts on “Using the Keycloak Accounts Management API

  1. Hi!
    I’m trying to do the same and change password in Keycloak programmatically without the admin API, but I’m getting the following error: “RESTEASY003650: No resource method found for POST, return 405 with Allow header”
    Have you encountered this error?
    Do you know if there is a way to check whether the account_api is properly enabled?

  2. Not experienced that precise error, but that generally means that the endpoint isn’t there. Usually this is because either you’re hitting the wrong endpoint, the endpoint doesn’t support the POST method (i.e. you’re trying to read from an endpoint that you can only write to).

    Most likely, the account module isn’t enabled. This requires some config, and also needs the latest versions of keycloak.

  3. It seems that they removed account_api in Keycloak 12. When I start Keycloak 11 with “-Dkeycloak.profile.feature.account_api=enabled” I see in the logs “Preview feature enabled: account_api”, but when I start Keycloak 12 using this option I can’t see account_api in the logs.

  4. mschmitt, Are you shure? Keycloak.v2 theme use its api. As I understand this pull request delete password update api (and couple other). Not all. Update user info still worked

  5. I was trying to update a user and always get the annoying “unknown error”, and when I thought I had tried everything, reading your post realised that I just needed to add the “roles” scope to my client. Still, I’m wondering what’s that or what’s to do with the permissions to access the API resources?

    very helpful btw, thanks!

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