It’s a brand new year!

Well, it’s been a new year for a little while actually, but 2013 has been a busy one so far. I’ve been working hard on some interesting things, but I still managed a sneaky skiing trip.

2012 was an awesome year; I welcomed it in rawkus style with my former housemates, and then a few days later, after the hangover had cleared of course, flew my first passengers as a newly qualified pilot!

I went to birthday parties, ate some great food, climbed, and enjoyed the company of some great people. I played Capoeira with my group at the Oxford Olympic Torch event, but otherwise managed to miss the worst of the Olympics by camping in the Czech wilderness followed by some epic climbing in Italy.

I have some big plans in motion for 2013, hopefully I’ll be able to dial up the awesome a few more notches! I want to finally get to grips with a foreign language, and ideally live abroad for a while in the native country. I want to progress my flying career in some way, advance to more complicated aircraft or perhaps do an aerobatic qualification. I intend to see more of the world, and climb more mountains (both figuratively and literally!).

Work wise, I’m working on a few exciting things (some of which will see the light of day really soon). As an FYI, I’m always interested to hear about your projects, especially if you need some technical and strategic muscle to help you!

Lets go!