It has been a few weeks now since we released Elgg 1.0, and its really gratifying to see that the forums are alive with discussion. People have been busy hacking on it, writing plugins and contributing bugfixes and enhancements back – including translations for French and Spanish already well on the way.

You may have noticed we have been a little bit quiet since the launch. This is because – since we had been in crunch for so long – we decided to just take a step back and let the dust settle from the launch and focus on some other bits and pieces we wanted to work on.

One of those is of course OpenDD, and I’ve been working on some rather fun demos and some (hopefully interesting!) technologies. Some of the other guys have been working on some other cool stuff – including our liveshouts project which is getting a fair amount of attention.

Now we are looking towards the Elgg 1.1 release and addressing some of the issues which have come up in discussion, including a few core enhancements. Pete has also developed some absolutely fantastic looking themes (which will show how easy it is to drastically change Elgg!)

We are also looking at working on the infrastructure a bit – including some more documentation and guides to writing plugins and customising the look and feel.  We also really want to work on ways to help make community contributions easier.

So, a lot of work ahead… but it should be worth it!