I would like to interrupt your usual reading in order to make a brief announcement:

I joined the Elgg team full time back in 2008 (after having worked for them as a technology consultant). I was there at the birth of the Elgg 1.0 codebase (which I helped design) and was delighted to see Elgg grow from strength to strength.

By the time of the Elgg 1.5 release earlier in the year, Elgg had achieved widespread support and adoption and had cemented itself as the leading open source social networking framework. Now with the Elgg 1.6 release out of the door and the continued growth of the vibrant Elgg community, I have no doubt that Elgg’s success will continue into the future.

However, I have decided that it is time to move on and explore other projects.

So, as of the 27th October I will no longer be part of Curverider or Elgg’s core development team (although I dare say I will still end up doing a bit of Elgg coding here and there).

I really enjoyed helping build Elgg and being part of the Elgg community, and I am excited to see where the community takes the platform next.

As for me, I will be busily working on my next project (more on that to come) as well as continuing to provide expert consultancy services.