Just a quick note to draw your attention to this plugin for Elgg.

This plugin implements the Microformats powered remote friending support I’ve previously talked about, and implemented in Known, for Elgg.

What is this?

Like with Known, this plugin provides a handy bookmarklet that will allow you to add friends from other platforms (even non-Elgg ones) simply, providing that the platform marks out their users using Microformats (for this reason, I suggest you also take a look at my Elgg microformats plugin).

Once found, a remote user can be added as a friend.

At the moment the plugin doesn’t do much else, but once you’ve got a user stub to hook things on to, other plugins could provide other features – browse their feeds, for example, or provide PGP login support (which I’ll build if I get time) that’ll allow for cross platform private posts.

Have fun!

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