I am really pleased to welcome the Oxford code dojo as the latest addition to the Oxford tech scene.

At a Code Dojo, you are presented with an algorithmic problem and are encouraged to solve it in the most efficient way possible – stretching possibly atrophied puzzle solving muscles in the mean time.

It is also a good excuse to do a bit of networking with the other techs in your local area.

Thanks to Matty and Oleg for arranging such a stimulating event, looking forward to the next one!

Image “Dojo” by Fighter-arts

Hard at work
Today I spent a productive and thoroughly enjoyable day at Oxford Geek Jam.

This was a techy event organised by @mattythorne and @loleg at the Jam Factory in Oxford bringing together hackers, ideas people and general interested populous to bash out some ideas and start hacking on some projects.

The group split into two main camps based around a couple of ideas; Oleg wanted to hack on a visual wiki representation, and my off the cuff idea which I’ve been playing on for a little while – the Stalk-O-Matic.

Stalk-O-Matic is a little data mining toy I have had in skunk for a while which uses the Google Social Graph api to aggregate much of the public information available on the internet about you into an easily explorable form. This is done for the purposes of education and illustrates just how public private information is – something that I might talk about at Barcamp Transparency.

Off the back of the Geek Jam I have open sourced the code and have started a Google Code project which I’d be interested in seeing people get involved in – usual “It was a private hack made public so is a total mess” disclaimer applies!

Anyway, I found today both enjoyable and thoroughly useful. I hope that there will be many more events like this in Oxford!