I am really pleased to announce that tickets for the upcoming Oxford Twestival 2009 are shortly going to go on sale.

The Twestival is a charity event being held in Oxford, featuring live music & fantastic networking opportunities in an informal setting.

We’re excited to bring together Oxfam – a ground-breaking global charity that was born in Oxford – with the Catweazle Club, a weekly event that has featured some of the city’s best performance artists.

Proceeds will go towards the Oxfam Mali clean water and sanitation project which will help provide safe drinking water to families and their villages in Mali!

In northern Mali, the lack of safe drinking water and poor sanitation contribute to very high rates of illness and malnutrition – especially amongst young children. You can help keep around 45,000 people safer thanks to an extensive health awareness campaign and by providing 8,000 people with clean water and sanitation facilities.

So, please go buy a ticket (only £5 if you buy in advance) and help change people’s lives!

Twestival LocalOn September 13th, the Twestival (twitter organised festival) will once again be returning to Oxford.

The event will be held in The Cape of Good Hope in exactly a months time.

It is set to be a very interesting event with beer, song and raising money for good causes!

I hope to see you there!

The Cape of Goodfdfd Hope