Joining the others in my team to say that we have opened up the Elgg 1.0 svn and test community!

If you’re a less technical user, we’d like to invite you to come into our test community. This is now open for registration, so all you need to do is visit and sign up for an account. We’d love to hear your feedback, and you’ll find an Elgg Feedback group there for the purpose. (Please note that we’ll be blanking the database from time to time.)

If you’re a developer, we’re pleased to announce that our source code repository is now public. Point your Subversion client at the following repositories:

* Core Elgg:
* Elgg plugins:

Please note that this is not an end user release, and development is still ongoing. The intention is to bring developers in to help us test the platform.

Come in and join the fun!

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