This is just a quick post to introduce a little tool I hacked together to scratch an itch. is a simple invoice tracking tool I hacked together over a weekend which lets you invoice and track the process of an invoice, send messages and automatically send reminders to clients when an invoice is due (or overdue).

In its current incarnation I’ve opted for simplicity over anything fancy so it only has a basic set of features, and its still very much in beta. But as mentioned in previous posts, if you wait for something to be perfect you’ll never release anything.

Log in via your Twitter or Facebook account, create a client and then start sending them invoices (consisting of the very basic details). You can attach a url or upload a pdf which contains a printable invoice containing your detailed invoice.

Anyway, I find it useful and maybe you will too. Have a play!

For those interested, this site is built using a home grown (and I like to think quite powerful) PHP web services framework which I wrote because nothing currently out there did exactly what I wanted…

4 thoughts on “Introducing, a simple invoice tracker

  1. Thanks for the interest! I wrote this primarily for my benefit, and it’s used by a few people. I hadn’t planned to share the source originally, but I’m not against the idea… will need some tidying up first.

    I’ll stick it on the todo list for a rainy weekend!

  2. Looks interesting. Is there any way to create an account without using Facebook or Twitter? At any rate might give this a go in a few days.

  3. Not at the moment (kept things simple at the time), however I do plan to do a new version at some point which will allow “normal” signup. Or even persona, or similar.

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