Building on what I was talking about last week, I’ve spent a little time tidying up and genericising the simple regression test framework I often find myself using and have open sourced it over on Github.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce the Really Simple Test Framework!

This is a PHP command line application, so you’ll need the php5-cli module installed.


php test.php [-p path/to/tests] [-t HelloWorldTest]

So for example, to run all the tests in the sub directory /tests/

php test.php

To specify another directory to look in for tests

php test.php -p /path/to/my/tests

To run a specific test only, specify it by its CLASS NAME

php test.php -t MyClassTest

You can specify multiple tests to run…

php test.php -t MyClassTest -t AnotherTest

Have a butchers at the README.txt for more details on writing your own tests!

» Github Project Page

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