Following on from my post yesterday, I would like to introduce something I quickly hacked together to show how the kind of thing I was talking about might work.

As discussed in yesterday’s article, I already use twitter to provide a data feed for selective traffic alerts.

Street Level URLs provides a simple wrapper around this search, providing you with a nice summary page and the option to access the data in a number of different formats.

It uses twitter for the actual data and uses mod_rewrite rules to wrap the actual search up into an addressable URL.

Have fun!

» Street Level URLs

2 thoughts on “Traffic reports using twitter as a data source

  1. Nice!

    It would be good if the reported tweets displayed/referenced/linked to the search results themselves so you could read/whatever the actual tweets.

    More fundamentally, one is generally interested in a section of a road rather than either a point on it or the whole length. I can’t see an obvious solution to that though. As an example, I tried a90/north and a90/south (the A90 being in two separate sections) and, rather impressively, it did map them in roughly the right places, but the results of those searches aren’t particularly meaningful.

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