Another itch scratched, I would like to introduce a really simple Open Graph plugin for WordPress.

This plugin adds open graph headers to posts and pages on a per post basis.

It has no native interface, instead it listens out for og:* headers as input in the Custom Fields section of WordPress’ edit page and adds the ones it recognises to the page header as meta tags.

Once installed you will be able to add the following tags to posts:

  • og:title (defaults to page title)
  • og:type (defaults to “article”)
  • og:image (URL, no default)
  • og:url is also used, but this is automatically filled in

I wrote this in about an hour so it isn’t all that fancy, and was designed to solve a specific problem for me. Hopefully it’ll be useful to someone else out there.

Feel free to leave comments and send in any patches!

» Plugin page on Github

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