Over on Github I’ve open sourced a little library for generating and verifying product registration keys. I needed this for a couple of my projects, and I’ve made it available with hopes of saving anyone else from having to write one!

The tool takes a someone’s name and a salt (which is your product id in most cases) and spits out a short upper case string of letters and numbers (minus confusing ones like o/0 1/l).

The goals of this tool are simple: to generate a short easily entered registration code without the need for an internet connection or the need for cryptographic libraries which may not be commonly available.

As a result the code the tool generates is by no means cryptographically secure, but since serious crackers can just bypass the reg-key check altogether using commonly available tools, this is really just to keep honest people honest!

Hopefully it’ll be useful to you someone…

» Visit the project page on Github…

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