I recently wrote a hook for Known (subsequently merged into the core) that converts twitter links to an embedded representation.

This was handy for a few folk, so I figured it’d be sensible to add similar functionality to my OEmbed Enabled embedded posts plugin for Known. The plugin will now attempt to use OEmbed to extract a representation of any Known post you link to into a rendered version.

Because allowing connections to just any OEmbed endpoint is a security risk, I’ve configured the plugin so that the Admin needs to whitelist domains/urls first (your current domain is automatically whitelisted).

Theoretically this could be used to whitelist non-Known sites that support oEmbed, although I’ve not extensively tested this so YMMV. Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Updating Embedded Posts plugin slightly

  1. Still having issues with this twitter link integration thingy (even on latest Known version from git) my twitter links never embed, I’m pretty sure I must be missing something self evident, so i’m going to digg some more before i report an issue.

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