Sitemaps are specially crafted XML files, usually located at, that help search engines better crawl your site.

It came up in conversation on IRC that there was a need for a sitemap plugin for Known, and because such a plugin would be useful to myself as well as others (and because I had a little bit of time while waiting for a painfully slow set of Vagrant builds, so I thought I’d put something together.

So, over on github, I’ve put together a quick plugin that will automatically generate a basic sitemap plugin for your site, as well as update your robots.txt accordingly.

When you first visit your sitemap.xml file a sitemap will be generated and cached. When you create new posts, this file will be automatically updated.

It’s pretty simple at the moment, but as usual, pull requests are welcome!

» Visit the project on Github...

3 thoughts on “Sitemap generation for Known

  1. Hello Marcus, thanks for the sitemap plugin. Ive installed the plugin and visited and the sitemap was generated, however it doesn’t seems to update when I add a new post.


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