It was about time I got to grips with Redis, so I put together a quick plugin for Known to add Redis support.

It provides a PersistentCache derived cache, suitable for using with Known, and also
makes it easier for you to use Redis from your code.


Drop the Redis folder into the IndoPlugins folder of your idno installation.

Due to the way Known loads classes, you don’t need to activate the plugin in order to be able to use the class.

If you want to use the Cache system wide, modify your config.ini as follows:

cache = 'IdnoPlugins\Redis\RedisCache'

Note, you need to use at least Known build 20180630.

Have fun!

» Visit the project on Github...

3 thoughts on “Redis support in Known

  1. Yes and no. Known doesn’t internally make much use of caching, but this tool is a utility that could be used in high load environments if you modify your code to make use of it.

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