Known allows you to install Known via the command line, this can be handy for scripted installs, using non-MySQL database backends, or when installing over a terminal connection to a remote server.

The Basics

Go in to /warmup/CLI, and you’ll see CLIInstaller.

To install a brand new Known using an interactive install simply run

./CLIInstaller install

The Manifest

A manifest is used to pass configuration options to the CLI installer so that you won’t be prompted for them. This is useful for scripting installs.

First, generate a manifest template:

./CLIInstaller generate-manifest /path/to/manifest

Next, edit that file and fill in the appropriate option.

Now, you are able to pass these options to the installer:

./CLIInstaller install config.ini /path/to/manifest

You’ll also notice I’m specifying the config.ini ini file to write to, you can write this config to other files as necessary, which is handy if you’re using per-domain configuration.

Other options

The CLI installer has a few other options that might be useful:

Checking requirements

If you just want to check that your server has the necessary requirements to run Known, you can execute:

./CLIInstaller.php check-requirements

Generate config from manifest

If you want to generate a config file, but without going through the full install (useful if you want to generate a new domain config in a script), you can use the following command to do so

./CLIInstaller.php makeconfig /path/to/manifest 

This will output the new config to stdOut. You can save it to an ini file as appropriate.

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