React Native, is a version of React, that can be used to build native iPhone (and iPad and other iOS devices) and Android applications. It lowers the bar significantly for building on these platforms, meaning you can develop in comparatively simple React Javascript, and have that cross compiled to various devices.

This is all pretty neat.

Some time ago, I began work on a native iOS client for Known. I got quite a way to getting it all to work – you can log in, post status updates, photos and even check in.

However, I simply no longer have time to maintain it, and quite honestly I never figured out the last step of getting the code on Testflight or the App Store.

So, rather than let this languish in a folder on my laptop, I figured I’d stick it out there. Hopefully it’ll be useful to someone, and hopefully someone might have some time to help maintain it.

Sorry in advance for my spaghetti code, I’m far from being a React developer!

» Visit the project on Github...

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