Feed Me!Gosh, it was a busy day yesterday, and in all honesty I haven’t quite assimilated it yet!

The day began (albeit a little bit late) at the young but fantastic Oxford Geek Jam, where we all got together at the Jam factory to hack on some code.

What we were working on this time was an automatic string tagging and contextual linking api for arbitrary strings. I’m sure one of the other guys could provide a link for this!

I left the code jam early in order to get to my next commitment of the evening – the #oxtwestival!

Live music, political poetry, auctions and raffles. All good fun, and as I mentioned before all for an excellent cause!

I’m delighted to report that (thanks I hope in part to my rather ad-libed auctioneering attempt 😉 ) we broke our target – details to follow I’m sure!

Anyway, I need to head back fixing this blinking migration script, so all I have left to say is a BIG thankyou to everyone who came, performed, tweeted and donated! Because of you some families in Africa will have safe water and sanitation!

Thanks! You’re awesome!