Just a quicky, but it caught me out.

I make use of Firefox’s sync server to synchronise bookmarks, passwords etc between computers, but because I do not like the idea of having this stored on a computer that I don’t control, I run my own version of the server on my own hardware.

This was working fine, however after a recent server upgrade syncing stopped working.

On investigation, I found that exceptions were being thrown by the WSGI process, the important part being:

I did a little bit of digging, and it seems that SSLv3 has been disabled because of the protocol’s vulnerability to the POODLE attack. However, it seems that some of the Python libraries just assume that support is going to be there.

The fix was to edit /path/to/syncserver/html/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests/packages/urllib3/contrib/pyopenssl.py itself. Open the file, and go to line 62.

Change it from this:

To this:

Which removes the mapping (and support) for SSL v3.

Hope this helps!

On this blog, I use the Friendfeed Activity Widget plugin developed by Evan Sims to display my friendfeed (eyes right).

This plugin appears to have a bug whereby items with thumbnails (flickr, youtube etc) will not display correctly. This may possibly be just on my site as nobody else seems to have reported the issue.

The issue seems to be a miss-detection of the entity type in the code, incorrectly assigning flickr and youtube types to the default “list” type. I have hacked together a quick patch which seems to be working for me (but crucially doesn’t fix the underlying problem).

Normally I wouldn’t post this sort of thing here, however it would appear that Evan is no longer maintaining the plugin and has turned off comments. Hopefully, if you are having the same issue as I was, this might be useful to you.

» friendfeed-activity-widget-mp.zip – My modification of 1.1.3

Image from Friendfeed.com