On this blog, I use the Friendfeed Activity Widget plugin developed by Evan Sims to display my friendfeed (eyes right).

This plugin appears to have a bug whereby items with thumbnails (flickr, youtube etc) will not display correctly. This may possibly be just on my site as nobody else seems to have reported the issue.

The issue seems to be a miss-detection of the entity type in the code, incorrectly assigning flickr and youtube types to the default “list” type. I have hacked together a quick patch which seems to be working for me (but crucially doesn’t fix the underlying problem).

Normally I wouldn’t post this sort of thing here, however it would appear that Evan is no longer maintaining the plugin and has turned off comments. Hopefully, if you are having the same issue as I was, this might be useful to you.

» friendfeed-activity-widget-mp.zip – My modification of 1.1.3

Image from Friendfeed.com

3 thoughts on “Friendfeed Activity Widget (bugfix)

  1. Need some help

    Im trying to get the profile nagger code into my header and it shows 0% although it works on the widget. I know its something i missed. Can u please help me with this. Have been struggling for as week.

    if (isloggedin()) {
    $isPgOwner = (page_owner() == $_SESSION[‘user’]->getGUID());

    $img_src = $vars[‘url’] . “mod/profile_nagger/graphics/nagger.gif”;

    if ($vars[‘full’] == true)
    if (is_array($vars[‘config’]->profile) && sizeof($vars[‘config’]->profile) > 0) {

    $profile = $vars[‘config’]->profile;
    $field_count = count($profile); //total fields
    $fields_completed = 0; //completed fields

    foreach($profile as $shortname => $valtype) {

    //check that each profile field has a value,
    //add to the number completed when they do.
    $value = $vars[‘user’]->$shortname;

    if (!empty($value)) {
    $fields_completed += 1;

    //arrive at percentage complete
    $percent_complete = round(100 / ($field_count / $fields_completed));

    name . “‘s profile is ” . $percent_complete . “% complete.”;

    <img src="” width=”%” height=”11px”>

    if (($isPgOwner) && ($percent_complete < 100)) {
    echo "Please complete your profile.”;



  2. Hmm… its hard to say from an isolated code snippet but I would suggest that your first step would be to throw some debug in there.

    If it works for widget as you say, there can’t be anything drastically wrong with the code. Echo out the contents of the variables as you go and check that your counting loop is being executed. Check that your conditionals are evaluating correctly – for example has $vars[‘config’]->profile been populated at this stage? Is $vars[‘full’] true?

    You could also try the guys over at http://community.elgg.org – many eyes make light debugging 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for the bug fix. I finally got my Flickr images to show 🙂

    I know this post is quite old, but I was hoping you could help me with a little problem anyway.

    The thing is, after I updated to your modification, I got a new problem – this time with grouped Delicious-events. Instead of showing up as text links, they are displayed as images. I don’t know PHP, so I was hoping could tell me what to do?

    Screenshot: http://i52.tinypic.com/14xe1w1.png

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