Soundcloud, for those who don’t know, is a service that lets users upload and share their own created sounds and music easily on the interwebs.

It comes with a handy embedded player, which lets you play music from within your own browser, and embed that music in other web pages.

Since I occasionally link to media hosted on Soundcloud from within Idno posts, I thought I’d write a quick plugin to turn these links into an embedded player!

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Elgg, like Idno supports a number of different views on data – standard HTML, JSON etc. However, unlike Idno, Elgg does not natively support JSONP.

JSONP allows you to make cross domain calls using JSON data, and is very handy for querying data from other sources using your fancy-pants javascript/jquery ajax code. It’s how, among other things, the idno feed widget running in the sidebar works.

Anyway, a commenter on another post asked about Elgg support, and because I had a few minutes spare, I put together a quick plugin!

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JQueryJQuery is a popular, fantastically useful, and not to mention powerful, Javascript library used by many web applications around the Internet.

The current version of it is 1.9.1, but unfortunately the latest release of Elgg is still tied to a frankly ancient version (1.6).

Recently, I needed a more recent version of jquery in order to take advantage of the Bootstrap framework. So I put together a quick plugin which lets you easily use the latest version of JQuery in Elgg.

This saved me from a number of headaches, and I hope it’ll do the same for you.


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