So, Node is becoming more and more a requirement for doing modern dev work. I admit I’ve been slow on the uptake on this, but I’m always wanting to learn new things, so I’ve been getting to grips with it recently.

Spoiler alert: it’s really really easy if you’re coming from a bit of a web background and have written a bit of frontend javascript.

So, in part to build up a bit of node code on my github profile, and in part to prove a concept for something I talked about recently when I rewrote the Known event queue processor back end, I wrote a Node version of the event queue processor service.


Configure your database settings and path to Known in the package.json.

By default, the settings are configured to talk to Known as installed with by the vagrant package.

Then, run the event queue:

node main.js

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So, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything, but, I’m back now, so here’s a quick Emoji plugin for Known.

I wrote this plugin (which is basically a Known wrapper around jloutsenhizer’s Javascript Emoji renderer) to scratch a particular itch of mine, whereby some Bridgy backported comments from Facebook were being rendered with Unicode placeholders.

Happy Christmas!

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