opengraphlogo So, I needed a simple open graph library for a project. There are other libraries, but I just needed something simple and quick, so I bashed this library together.

The library contains a class with a single static function, you pass it some page contents, and it’ll spit back a key => value array containing any open graph entries in the page.

This was handy for me, it might be for you 🙂

» Visit the project on Github…

One thought on “PHP Open Graph Parser library

  1. Quick post to point out a tiny tool that I’ve found useful while hacking together various webby thing that use and expose open graph meta tags and microformats.
    It’s a VERY simple tool, that when passed a URL, will mine the page for Open Graph and Microformat data (using my Open Graph library, and Barnaby Walter’s fantastic MF2 parser). You can even execute it from the command line if you have the CLI version on your path, which I find handy.
    Anyway, code on github, and you can see it running on skunk.
    » Visit the project on Github…

    » See it running on skunk…
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