The other week The Register wrote an article, which talked about the Indieweb, and Webmentions in particular.

The article covered a bunch of things, but highlighted the potential spam issue with webmention, which I’ve been meaning to do something about in Known for a while. Since Known was mentioned right at the end of the article, I figured I should probably pull my finger out.

So, while the community build a better way of handling spammy comments and webmentions (e.g. Vouch, or similar graph based filter), I put together a very quick Akismet plugin. Obviously this is centralisation / single point of failure, but it’s a quick fix that’ll hopefully stop the worst of the problems while we build something better.


Install in the normal way, and activate with your wordpress API key.

Now, all new annotations (including comments and webmentions) will be passed through akismet before being posted. Note, the entire thing requires you to be running a version of Known with the annotation/save event hook added by this pull request.


» Visit the project on Github...

I have just written a very small Akismet plugin for Elgg.

When enabled and configured, this plugin will scan newly submitted comments of the ‘generic_comment’ annotation class.

While spam comments are rarer on Elgg due to the fact that most sites don’t allow anonymous comments, this could be useful for people who are getting spam comments from people who have signed up.

This plugin comes into its own when you allow anonymous comments, such as on a site I recently built for a client.

Extending this plugin to scan other content should be fairly straight forward for even a novice coder, but if I have time I’ll provide an interface to do so.

Anyway, go get it here, or check out the project page on google code!

Image “Spam! [don’t buy]” by David Trattnig