The other week The Register wrote an article, which talked about the Indieweb, and Webmentions in particular.

The article covered a bunch of things, but highlighted the potential spam issue with webmention, which I’ve been meaning to do something about in Known for a while. Since Known was mentioned right at the end of the article, I figured I should probably pull my finger out.

So, while the community build a better way of handling spammy comments and webmentions (e.g. Vouch, or similar graph based filter), I put together a very quick Akismet plugin. Obviously this is centralisation / single point of failure, but it’s a quick fix that’ll hopefully stop the worst of the problems while we build something better.


Install in the normal way, and activate with your wordpress API key.

Now, all new annotations (including comments and webmentions) will be passed through akismet before being posted. Note, the entire thing requires you to be running a version of Known with the annotation/save event hook added by this pull request.


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I do a lot of my day to day work on Github, as you may have noticed. So, to be a good #indieweb citizen, I figured it’d be nice to be able to at least comment on tickets from my own site.

Thankfully, Github has a pretty comprehensive API, so it turns out that doing this was pretty easy. So, I wrote a quick plugin for Known…

Github ticket and comment syndication

Install and activate the plugin in the usual way, and once enabled, you will have the ability to reply to comments and create tickets on Github. This is particularly useful when using the Known browser extensions (like my Chrome plugin).

To create a new ticket, make a reply to a plugin’s issues page, and to create a new comment, simply reply to the comment thread.

Let me know how you get on!

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pushover is a service that allows you to send popup notifications to your iPhone, iPad or Android device via calls to a simple API.

I wanted a notification whenever someone left me a comment or webmention on my idno site, so I put together a plugin that does just that!


Install and activate the Pushover plugin on your idno site, and then create an application for your site on, via their admin panel.

Once you have done this, go back to your idno site and configure the plugin via your user settings page, putting the application and user API keys in the appropriate boxes.

Hit save, and you should now get popup notifications whenever a new comment is left!

» Visit the project on Github…