Just a quick note to say that the my Known Chrome plugin will now return an installable .crx file.

You’ll need the OpenSSL PHP extension installed, but if you do an installable .CRX file will be returned instead of a .zip. If you don’t have OpenSSL installed, the oldstyle .zip will be installed, however some people had problems with this.

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Known comes bundled with a Firefox plugin that, using Mozilla’s Social API, allows you to add a Known share/reply button to your browser.

This is pretty cool, but sadly only works for Firefox.

While other browsers, including Chrome, can use the bookmarklet to access the same functionality, this is rather clunky – for one thing, Chrome’s bookmark bar is hidden by default, for another Chrome has an extensive API and it’d be a shame not to use it!

A Chrome plugin for your site

So, I had a go at putting together a Chrome plugin… partly to scratch this itch, but also to learn how to write Chrome extensions (which turns out to be fabulously easy).

Install and activate the plugin, then go to your settings page to download a chrome extension which has been customised to your site.

Go to your Settings -> Extensions page, and then drag the archive into the list; all being well, you’ll have a new icon next to your address bar!

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