Even though we’re all under house arrest, work never stops!

However, because of all this excitement, I’ve had to switch about on machines and development environments a lot recently.

Previously, I’ve used my Known vagrant build to do development, but that started to prove a little bit heavy on a number of setups I’ve been using. So, since I’ve been playing with docker more recently, I thought it’d be nice to have a development container folks could use to quickly get up and running.

I’ve created a docker image that you can use in order to set up a quick development environment for your Known, and is installable via composer.


  • Download and install docker
  • Add this docker image to known using composer composer require mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker --dev

This will create a docker environment in /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker/


  • cd /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker/
  • docker-compose up
  • Point your browser at localhost:8088 and install in the usual way

Data storage

Files you upload will be stored in your Known install’s “Uploads” directory.

Your database will be stored in /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker/db/run/.


This is designed to be used for temporary development, not production. I make no promises as to what happens to the database directory when doing composer updates.

If you care, back this up regularly!

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