I was recently trying to develop some Known schema changes, and had the need to start kicking about Known in a Postgres environment.

Known supports Postgres out of the box, but I admit it’s a less trodden path. I don’t routinely use Postgres (I tend to favour mysql/mariadb, purely because that’s what I’m used to), and it’s usually a pain to switch environments.

I previously built a docker development environment, so I took the obvious (and as it turned out trivial) next step to build a Postgres version.


  • Download and install docker
  • Add this docker image to known using composer composer require mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker-postgres --dev

This will create a docker environment in /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker-postgres/


  • cd /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker-postgres/
  • docker-compose up
  • Point your browser at localhost:8089 and install in the usual way

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Even though we’re all under house arrest, work never stops!

However, because of all this excitement, I’ve had to switch about on machines and development environments a lot recently.

Previously, I’ve used my Known vagrant build to do development, but that started to prove a little bit heavy on a number of setups I’ve been using. So, since I’ve been playing with docker more recently, I thought it’d be nice to have a development container folks could use to quickly get up and running.

I’ve created a docker image that you can use in order to set up a quick development environment for your Known, and is installable via composer.


  • Download and install docker
  • Add this docker image to known using composer composer require mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker --dev

This will create a docker environment in /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker/


  • cd /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker/
  • docker-compose up
  • Point your browser at localhost:8088 and install in the usual way

Data storage

Files you upload will be stored in your Known install’s “Uploads” directory.

Your database will be stored in /vendor/mapkyca/mapkyca-known-docker/db/run/.


This is designed to be used for temporary development, not production. I make no promises as to what happens to the database directory when doing composer updates.

If you care, back this up regularly!

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A few of you have been asking about some of the Known dev tools that I use.

Well, I’ve been writing them as I go, and they’re a little bit dotted around, but since moving to composer I’ve been trying to link them up a bit.

Known Dev Scripts

The main dev scripts that I’ve been using are here. Requiring this package will also fetch the language tools scripts and the PHPCS code formatter config.

All of these are already included in the Known checkout in the vendor directory, if you’re checking out from git, and composer installing the dev dependencies (default).

Console Tools

Next are a set of console tools that I’ve built up over time which give me some ability to nudge data around, and to get various dumps of raw data.

They’re dotted around in their own repos, and can be installed individually, but for convenience you can grab them all in one go:

It goes without saying that these should not be installed on a production system – with great power, and all that.


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