Over the past few weeks and months I’ve had to cause to write, update and dust off a number of Elgg plugins that I’ve had kicking about. As a good open source citizen I’ve stuck them up on github so others can have a play.

Here they are, in no particular order:

» H5F 1.8

This is an Elgg wrapper around the H5F HTML5 form compatibility library written by Ryan Seddon.

This plugin lets you use handy HTML 5 form extensions like “required” and “placeholder”, as well as some of the new types like <input type=”email” /> in your forms and have them work in older browsers.

» Input Country

Input country is a wrapper around Ben Werdmuller’s phpCountryDropdown tool, and provides a handy dandy country selector input type.

Install this plugin to be able to take advantage of this in your forms.

» Profile Completeness

This plugin provides a view and a widget that displays the completeness of a profile based on the number of fields in the profile that are populated. This list of fields can be extended and modified based on a plugin hook.

I’ve used various incarnations of this plugin now for a number of clients, and since it keeps coming up I’ve tidied it up a bit and stuck it on github.

» Recaptcha

Lastly, here’s an Elgg 1.8 version of a recaptcha plugin I wrote some time ago.

It hooks into the Elgg captcha engine, providing captcha verification for registration and the “request new password” functionality out of the box. It also replaces the input/captcha view.

There are a couple of other recaptcha plugins, but I couldn’t find one which just provided the captcha and nothing else, so here’s mine.

That’s it for now, enjoy!

HTML Mails is an Elgg plugin that lets notification emails be sent using HTML email templates.

The original plugin was written by Condiminds but doesn’t seem to have been updated for Elgg 1.8, at least not that I could find.

From the plugin notes:

This plugin allows elgg to send notifications into html emails.

This plugins supports 3 views:

I needed an updated version for a client project, so I hacked together a quick port. Have fun!

» Visit the project on Github…

Many moons ago I wrote an extension to Elgg which allows you to run multiple Elgg sites off of a single install of the codebase.

Following some feedback from the wider world, as well as Elgg’s decision some time ago to move over to github I’ve tidied up the archive and moved it over to github as well.

I have taken the opportunity to perform a provisional migration to support Elgg 1.8, although there are bound to be some outstanding issues. Hopefully this github archive will make collaboration a little bit easier!

Have a play!

» Github Project Page