I am in the market for a SATA raid controller for one of my servers. Although I’ve just purchased a delightful NAS box, I have about 1TB of old SATA disks kicking around and it’d be a shame to let those go to waste.

Anyway, decided to grab a cheap StarTech 4 port, so hopped onto eBuyer:

Ebuyer price, with postage, £31.89

I dislike paying postage for things, especially something that small, and since I don’t need it in a hurry. So, I had a quick look to see if I could get the same thing on Amazon with free super saver delivery.

It turns out that I could:

Hang on...


Amazon’s price for the card with free postage was exactly the same as eBuyer’s price + postage. This smells a little fishy to me, especially considering that the price isn’t the standard £X.99 marketing hack.

Could be coincidence of course, but I’m going to check in future!

So, in preparation for some changes coming later in November we have made latakoo completely free to use!

All you need to do is create an account, download the tool (available for Mac and Windows) and begin sending video about faster than you ever could before. Privately or to as many people as you like.

I should also point out that we place no restriction on commercial use, so feel free to use it commercially. Get in touch if you want more details!

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