I got bored one evening, so I hacked together the beginnings of an API library for latakoo Flight. Currently it’s available in three four tasty flavours – PHP, Python, Ruby and C# .NET / Mono.

The libraries are minimal but functional; they let you perform both anonymous and authenticated queries against the latakoo API endpoint, but I’ve only had time to add method wrappers for a few of api calls. Feel free to fork the project to help flesh these out!

Hopefully these libraries will make it easier to get the power of latakoo behind your project, and be sure to check out Latakoo to find out how to share video on the Internet.

Happy hacking!

» API Documentation
» Github Project Page

Scratching even more itches, this on behalf of our lovely people using the latakoo service to host video on their blogs.

So here is a WordPress plugin that simplifies embedding latakoo video on your blog by adding a latakoo shortcode. Simply install it and you will be able to link to videos directly on your account without the need to cut and paste the embed codes.

Later, when I have time, I plan to add some other cool stuff to it.. but that may have to wait for now.

Please note that this is in no way an “official” plugin.

» Plugin page on Github

So, in preparation for some changes coming later in November we have made latakoo completely free to use!

All you need to do is create an account, download the tool (available for Mac and Windows) and begin sending video about faster than you ever could before. Privately or to as many people as you like.

I should also point out that we place no restriction on commercial use, so feel free to use it commercially. Get in touch if you want more details!

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