So, the other week I told you about the improvements to my access logging tool, which will now keep a user by user track of account activity.

This tool also makes a call to a GeoIP lookup hook, but until now remained unanswered. So, I wrote a quick tool that implements this GeoIP lookup hook using PHP’s built in geoip functions.

Once installed and configured (and the appropriate GeoIP database set up), this plugin will respond to any geoip/lookup event requests by looking up ['ip' => '....'] and returning the a country.

If installed along side LoginSyslog, you should start seeing the country listed along side the IP address!

» Visit the project on Github...

Based on prompting from a point made in this great article, I extended the System logging Known plugin that I wrote previously, to include a visual security log.

This log shows a user by user security log, showing login/logout and login failure attempts for each user’s account, plus a global log visible to the administrator. This provides a visual way for you to keep track of when, and from where, your account has been accessed, and hopefully give you tools to spot erroneous access attempts (for additional security you should totally check out my two factor authentication plugin as well).

» Visit the project on Github...

Just a quick update to point you good folk over to a couple of Idno plugins I’ve put up on github.

The first, LoginSyslog, is a simple plugin that outputs login events (success and failure) to the Auth.log, in much the same way as my Elgg fail2ban plugin. This allows you to audit login attempts on your Idno site, as well as use a tool like fail2ban to protect your site from brute force attacks.

The second, Pingback, adds support for incoming Pingback. Idno primarily supports webmention as a notification mechanism, and while legacy support for outgoing pingbacks, however incoming pingback support was missing. This plugin adds the missing functionality, meaning your Idno site will play nicely with WordPress and similar.

Happy hacking!