Webhooks are a simple way to glue disparate web services together using standing HTTP protocols in an easy to build for way.

I’d just like to introduce a very simple plugin that will add simple webhook functionality to your known site, allowing the administrator and individual site users to configure a URL that will be pinged whenever a user notification is sent (for example by a comment being received).

I use this to do some back end data analysis stuff on a couple of servers, so hopefully this will be useful to you!

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Idno was primarily built around the idea of distributed commenting, that is, when replying to a post written on someone else’s blog you’d actually write your reply on your own site, and then send a webmention.

This works well, but since many people are still trapped in legacy silo platforms like Facebook or Google+, it’d be nice if they could have a way to join in the discussion. So, I put together a quick plugin which provides traditional commenting functionality.

This plugin, once installed and activated, will provide comments for logged in and logged out users. At the moment it’s pretty basic, but hopefully I’ll add spam filtering, moderation and gravatar support soon.

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