Idno was primarily built around the idea of distributed commenting, that is, when replying to a post written on someone else’s blog you’d actually write your reply on your own site, and then send a webmention.

This works well, but since many people are still trapped in legacy silo platforms like Facebook or Google+, it’d be nice if they could have a way to join in the discussion. So, I put together a quick plugin which provides traditional commenting functionality.

This plugin, once installed and activated, will provide comments for logged in and logged out users. At the moment it’s pretty basic, but hopefully I’ll add spam filtering, moderation and gravatar support soon.

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The default behaviour of comments in an Elgg system is similar to that of standard blogging software, in that comment notifications only go to the post’s original author.

So, if Alice uploads a file and Bob comments on it, Alice would receive a notification. If Charlie comments on it as well, only Alice would receive the notification. In a modern social network, this artificially stifles conversation.

So, I wrote a very quick plugin which modifies the default notification behaviour slightly…

Now, with this plugin activated, if Charlie leaves a comment, both Alice and Bob will receive a notification.

Simple, but quite handy.

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email-sending-letter An email bridge is something that allows messages from Elgg, group discussion messages, direct message notifications etc, to be directly replied to from your email client.

I needed to get something like this implemented for a client project, and thankfully there was a third party open source plugin written by Michael Jett which did most of the work for me.

The Jettmail project is still under active development, and at time of writing was missing two key bits of functionality that I needed:

  1. Direct reply-to email functionality (you could send messages from an email link, but direct reply-to functionality was missing).
  2. Direct person to person message support.

I have made my own modifications to Jettmail to add this functionality, and also created a plugin to rewrite the reply-to email line appropriately for each object.

» My modifications to Jettmail…
» Jettmail reply-to plugin…